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5 Reasons London Escorts are Better Than Dating

5 Reasons London Escorts are Better Than Dating girl photo
Dating is fine for some people, but not for others. You may have very legitimate reasons for not wanting to date. Maybe you even think that you want to date, because you don't know about the alternatives. London escorts can be better than going into the dating scene – and there are several reasons why you want to consider it.

No Awkward Pick Up Lines
Have you ever tried to pick up a girl at a bar? You may have spent a while trying to figure out what you were going to say to her. Once you did work up the nerve to say hi, you came out with an awkward pick up line. With escorts in London, there is no need to come up with a pickup line. You simply call and make a request to spend time with a girl from the online gallery.

No Rejections
There are a lot of rejections in the dating world and after you get enough of them in a row, it can lead to low self-esteem. Why would you put yourself through all of that if you didn't have to? The simpler answer is to call and ask for a London girl to accompany you to whatever it is that you want to do. It can be dinner, a social event, or simply an invitation to your hotel room where you can have some basic companionship. It's the best way to prevent being lonely.

No Commitments
There are many girls out on the dating scene who are out there because they eventually want a rock on their finger. They want a husband and if you don't want the same things, you shouldn't be on the scene. You just want to live in the moment and have fun – and that's what escorts want, too. This means you can just call and have fun with a girl without having to make any long-term commitments to her.

No Monogamy
If you date, they are likely going to want monogamy. They want to make sure you aren't out dating other women when you're not out with them. What's the fun with this? London escorts don't care who you go out with. At our agency, we have so many girls that you could literally spend time with a different one every week for an entire year and never go out with the same girl!

You Get to Be Selfish
When's the last time someone gave you permission to be selfish? You live in the real world where you're supposed to be considerate of other people. When out with a London escort girl, you can make it more about you. While her feelings and thoughts matter, she is going to be focused on ways to make you happy and that's more than what you can say for many of the girls who are out in the dating scene.

It's important to be realistic about dating. If it's not what you want but you do it because of companionship, escorts in London are a simpler solution.